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Sauce Habanero Green



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Ingredients: Fresh Habanero green pepper, Canola/Vegetable oil, Spices

Habanero Green Sauce is a savory hot sauce that enhances the taste of your meals. It is mainly consumed in West Africa but also in countries with a West African similar culinary culture.

It is eaten with all hot and even cold dishes. It is adaptable to your grills, you can use it for your cooking of rice, potatoes, spaguetti sauce, meats …

Suggested use:

  •  Use approximately 5 to 10 ml for each use


  • Use as a complete spice.


  • Validly replaces the fresh pepper taste in your kitchens.


  • Add to your marinades of meat or fish for roasting or grilling and even your sautéed vegetables


NB: Please refrigerate after opening.


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